Fast game without water spraying at the Kerala GV Raja Sports School

We are very grateful for the intensive workshop on sustainable hockey at the GV Raja Sports School in Thiruvananthapuram in India on December 3, 2023 under sunny conditions.  

This workshop could be organized thanks to the support of FIH, Hockey India, the Kerala hockey club association, our liaison officer Mr. Zahir Kahn, and the well-esteemed coach Sri. S. Jayakumar. 

No irrigation of the field was performed in the first part of the workshop to then irrigate the field in the second part, enabling a comparison of dry vs wetted field conditions.  

Many tests on skills, passing, shooting, as well as hockey5 and hockey11 game play have been included for which we are very grateful for the many attendees from the sports school and several invited Kerala national players.  

Some quotes: 

“Rewetta balls feel smooth and soft” 

“Nice 3D skills with better ball control and travelling when running with the ball on the stick” 

“We can play for several minutes with the balls” 

“The ball bounce is ok and less, which is what we want” 

“I experience the usual ball impact with no water from the ball coming in my face when I am goalkeeping”