About us

We strive for cutting-edge sustainable sport products and activities, with as first product the self-wetting rewetta® hockey ball for high-quality hockey no longer needing extensive water spraying of the field.

Our sustainable ambition

Sport brings so much joy as it connects people from all over the world. It allows to push our physical boundaries and sets our minds free. All together we need to further innovate our sport experience fully recognizing societal challenges, particularly a cleaner planet with an eye to sustainability. 

At MakinH, we develop novel high-quality sustainable products, making a world of difference in sports innovation. Our first product is a recyclable self-wetting rewetta® ball, avoiding extensive water usage for professional fast and smooth hockey. Other sustainable products are already in our company roadmap, embracing prototypes that are in a promising testing phase.

Our offering

Our sustainable ambition is intertwined in our offering with activities in product development, training and consultancy. 

For every new product, we apply a multi-angle design approach, maximizing both the sustainability level, the player comfort and the technical skills. We first listen to the needs and challenges of the sport players and federations to then come forward with innovative solutions. These solutions align with governmental decisions to efficiently employ our natural resources and to prepare ourselves to the transition of a circular world, respecting the sport principles and pleasure.

Our ambition matches with the Sustainability Development Goals from the United Nations. Our rewetta® hockey ball helps to realize the climate action goal, SDG13, by saving water that comes free for achieving the clean water and sanitation goal, SDG6.

Our strenghts

  • Next-generation sport products and activities, respecting the planet and the players.

  • Sustainable innovation geared by data analysis, quality control, and low implementation & maintenance costs.

  • Multi-angle design embedded in our societal awareness to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Our team

Our sustainable ambition is realized by a complementary team of people with a unique scientific, technical and sport-minded background. We come forward with solutions compatible with the whole sport value chain.

Veerle Balcaen

  • PhD in Chemical Engineering with 10 years of experience in life sciences and processing
  • Postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University
  • Expert in sustainability roadmaps and business development

Ludwig Cardon

  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Full Professor at Ghent University
  • Coach of young promising athletics athletes
  • Expert in polymer material innovation

Dagmar D’hooge

  • Head of Department Materials, Textiles and Chemical Engineering at Ghent University
  • Scientist at Carnegie Mellon University, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology & Stanford University
  • Expert in polymer engineering

Mustafa Erkoç

  • Electromechanical technical degree with 10 years of experience in prototyping
  • Semi-professional sport athlete 
  • Expert in product design and scale-up

Stijn Rambour

  • Chemistry degree with 20 years of experience in quality control and analysis
  • World-recognized Ghent University evaluator for artificial turf sport applications 
  • Expert in fiber-based products and testing

Zahir Khan

  • EPFL Education in sport management and technology
  • Data Analyst
  • Experience in Sport events and demonstration