G. Oldenkotte interviewing MakinH & FIH

"A self-wetting hockey ball that mimics watered field interactions on a dry surface might offer an affordable solution to hockey clubs at grass roots level that are pursuing an elite-level experience.

“The new ball takes a radical new approach to solving the challenge of delivering the watered field playing experience on a non-watered synthetic turf that the international hockey governing body FIH is pursuing.”

“The concept has really impressed FIH Quality and Facilities Programme Manager, Alastair Cox. “They really thought out of the box and came up with a very clever concept, we never contemplated the ball … When we trialled the Rewetta ball at our international Hockey5s tournament in Lausanne, last year, the combination of the innovative new non-watered turf by Polytan and the Rewetta ball provided very positive feedback.”

The complete article can be read via following link:

Can a new ball end hockey’s water challenge? (sportsfields.info)